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Burning Police Cars and Clashes with Cops: Photos of London's Million Mask March November 6, 2015 Photos by Chris Bethell and Daniel Bateman Share TweetThe Million Mask March in London Thursday night was bigger and rowdier than ever. Police predictions of violence turned out to be accurate as protesters trashed a cop car. We sent VICE photographers Chris Bethell and Daniel Bateman to check it out.Read: London's Million Mask March Was a Weird, Awkward PantomimeTopics:anonymous, million mask march, photos, riot, protests, demonstrationsCommentShare On TwitterShare On FacebookEmailRedditPinterestTumblrGoogle +RecommendedSorry, there are no items to displayCommentsMore PhotosFake Tan and Flexing Muscles: Backstage at the Swiss National Bodybuilding Championship Jojo Schulmeister, words by Seraina Manser Photos from a Football Match Between Refugees and Homeless People in Greece Alexandros Avramidis, Words by Kostas Koukoumakas 'Mad Max', 'Turkish Delight' and Hot Sausage: Retro Pho - 웹

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